Crop protection

Our range of products for appropriate treatments is complete: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and even rodenticides. *Please note that each agricultural producer wishing to acquire a crop protection product must hold a certificate authorizing them to use it.

A flat-rate turnkey watering service is offered to field crop producers. To provide this service, Les Meuneries Mondou joined forces with partners a few years ago.

Crop protection products are still a necessary evil.

Crop protection products are still a necessary evil. We would like to avoid them, but we can’t do without them. Hopefully, scientific research will help us more in the future. For the moment, every liter added for the treatment of your plants must be justified.

Ask our specialists for advice to analyze the relevance of each application. They will be able to offer you the right product at the right time according to the environmental standards to be respected. Professionalism and respect are essential.

For crop protection products for domestic use, consult the Lawn and Garden section of our website.

Our soil professionals will be able
to advise you

If you have any questions about crop protection products, contact us; our experts will be able to assist you.