Les Meuneries Mondou have been a major fertilizer supplier in the region for several years.

Equipped with a fleet of fertilizer spreaders and liquid fertilizer applicators, we provide a delivery component once the seeding season has begun.

Fertilization needs are great and varied.

Whether it’s small format or bulk, standard or customized formulas, soluble or liquid fertilizers, fertigation or granular products, we have everything you need for your crops.

We have ranges of fertilizer for all sectors of the land as well as personalized ranges according to your crops and needs.

Flat-rate application of liquid fertilizer is also offered by an exclusive partner of Les Meuneries Mondou.

Innovative service for specific needs

Precision agriculture is another innovative service offered by our crops department. The GPS soil analyses that we conduct make it possible to know the specific needs of each part of your land. We are also equipped with variable-dose applicators and spreaders!

For all questions or products concerning domestic fertilizers, consult our Lawn and Garden section or visit our site: campagnard.ca

Our soil professionals will
help you

If you have any questions about fertilizers, contact us; our experts will be able to assist you.