Animal feed

A leader in animal feed for over 70 years

Personalized advice to maximize your production and improve the health of your animals.

Whether for your laying hens, your horses, your dairy cows, or others, we offer personalized or standard formulas, complete feeds, supplements and minerals.

Our experts, agronomists and technologists, rely on high-level scientific research, a certified and accredited laboratory and an innovative research farm.


We are proud to manufacture all our feeds on site and locally, in Mirabel and Saint-Félix-de-Valois. We take great care to use 100% local grains, grown and harvested by local producers. No meal or animal by-products enter our facilities. Our greatest pride; produce 100% plant-based and 100% local feed!
Our feed is offered in different formats, ranging from 25kg bags to delivery in bags or bulk to the farm. Some of our feeds are offered in small formats. To find out about these products, visit our Campagnard online store.


Designing customized feed rations is our work!

The quality of the fodder varies throughout the year, just as the nutritional needs of the animals can evolve according to the lactation stage or even age.

Animal feed therefore requires frequent adjustments to optimize the performance and production of the dairy cows.

Our advisors are ready to prepare customized rations for you to meet the needs of your heifers, dry cows, and milk-producing cows.

and minerals

The essential role of vitamins & minerals in dairy cows

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients in cattle. They are important to the growth and development of calves, in pregnant cows, to the development of the mammary system, and to maintaining the functions of the animal’s immune system.

A properly balanced feed program that provides the optimal quantities of vitamins and minerals greatly contributes to the health and productivity of the animals. By analyzing the feed at the farm, this allows us to determine the right quantity of supplements to add to the animals’ rations!

for calving

A crucial period
During the transition period to calving, major changes occur, both nutritional and environmental.
To avoid several postpartum illnesses associated with an imbalance during the transition period and minimize the negative effects on your dairy cows, it is important to be properly prepared. From an energy imbalance to a lack of calcium, vitamins, and other minerals, by planning your calving, you will be able to avoid all these problems.

Our pre-calving feed and supplements specially designed for your dry cows will be a major asset in their daily rations. You will be able to see several beneficial effects on the health, productivity, and profitability of your cows once they start producing milk.