Lawn and Garden

Les Meuneries Mondou have a wide range of products for lawns, fields, and gardens.

Meuneries Mondou has a wide range of products to meet the specific needs of your lawns and gardens. Our quality products are designed to optimize your crops. We also have in-store experts who can advise you according to your needs.

A wide range of products

In store or in our online store, you’ll find top-quality lawn and pasture seeds. We also have fertilizers for all seasons to maintain your lawn.

For your garden, you’ll find a vast choice of fertilizers that can also be used to grow your flowers and shrubs. A range of products to combat insect and animal pests is also available. Ask our experts for information and advice before using them.

  • Lawn fertilizers for all seasons!
  • Fertilizers for gardens, flowers and shrubs
  • Quality lawn and pasture seeds
  • A wide range of insect and pest control products

Our soil professionals will
help you

If you have any questions about lawn and garden products, contact us, our experts will help you.