Farm advisory service

A complete service to increase your productivity.
  • Our experienced advisors support agricultural producers.
  • Personalized agronomic recommendations according to the type of breeding.
  • Feed analysis, follow-up on laboratory results, participation in activities and precision agriculture services (GPS) for quality results.
  • Making cultivation and management plans and following up on the fields and screening.
  • Following up on the farm, taking soil samples, putting together fertilization plans.


These are our soil professionals, who will be able to advise you

The crops production team at Les Meuneries Mondou works hard to recommend the best products to you based on several criteria, including the type of soil that you have on your land. Following up on the farm, taking soil samples, and putting together fertilization plans are part of their daily routine!


The animal nutrition team, meanwhile, takes care of formulating complete rations for your herd.

Sampling the feed on the farm and adding the right supplements, vitamins, and minerals to ensure that your cows have a 100% personalized and balanced diet is their work!

Our feed

Our millers are our head chefs!

They are the ones who take care of formulating the orders right at the mill, preparing the required ingredients, and bagging your products. All this from the hands of masters!

Analysis services

The hay is off to a good start in the corner!

Give your representative a call for your analysis samples!

And have you already mowed a few plots?